Madison PHP Conference 2013

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

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We've assembled an heroic lineup of speakers



Opening Remarks


PHP Foundations

PHP Professional

Foundations of PHP : Beth Tucker Long

A refresher, taking you through the basics.


PHP Foundations

PHP Professional

Introduction to Object-Oriented PHP : Ryan Wachtl

An introduction to object-oriented programming and PHP data objects.

Aphorisms of API Design : Larry Garfield

What is that vague extra something that turns merely extensible code into an API?


PHP Foundations

PHP Professional

PHP Security & Best Practices : Alex Faber

Learn the basics on how to make sure you're code is secure and you're following best practices.

Serial Legacy Killer - My approach going from legacy to modern code : Cory Darby

Techniques to move companies from legacy systems to much more modern code.




PHP Foundations

PHP Professional

Eliminate Workflow Friction with Git : Joel Clermont

Git will ease your development and keep your deployment workflow running smoothly.

Front-End Development in Magento : Eric Landmann

This presentation will talk about front-end development in Magento and what the developer is faced with.


PHP Foundations

PHP Professional

Secure and Streamlined Database Access with PDO : Ryan Wachtl

An introduction to the PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension.

Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified : Beau Simensen

How to use Composer features to make things run more smoothly.


PHP Foundations

PHP Professional

PHP Framework Showcase : Andrew Shell

Introduction to several popular PHP frameworks.

What I Learned from My First Dev Competition : Fredric Mitchell

The best way to learn something new, is to do it. Even better, why not try to win something!


Closing Remarks