Madison PHP Conference 2013

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

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Front-End Development in Magento : Eric Landmann

Madison PHP Conference 2013

Curious about Magento and want to know how it works? Magento has quickly gained market share in open-source ecommerce platforms and powers some huge, complex sites. This presentation will talk about front-end development in Magento and the challenges that face the developer. Topics touched on include:

• Multi-site, multi-store view architecture
• Codebase structure and module system
• Module and developer ecosystems
• Magento's request flow
• Design fallback system
• Layout XML, templates and blocks
• jQuery integration
• Debugging tips and tools
• Admin controls over design
• Implementing a purchased design theme
• Adding CMS blocks to various pages
• Creating a custom category layout


Eric Landmann

Eric has been building ecommerce sites for over 12 years and specializes in the Magento platform. He has done technical presentations at local, regional, and international developers' conferences.
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