Madison PHP Conference 2013

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

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What I Learned from My First Dev Competition : Fredric Mitchell

Madison PHP Conference 2013

The best way to learn something new, is to do it. Even better, why not try to win something!

Explore with me the highs and lows of learning the micro-framework Slim PHP, the mapping framework Leaflet.js, integrating with MongoDB, and the Mustache templating framework while trying to win a developer competition put on recently by

I'll talk about my planning process, how I came up with the idea for my app, my testing process, some pitfalls that I unfortunately fell through, and the analytics I used to assess whether my users were following the assumptions I made when designing the application.

I'll also share some resources I found to help me learn to use the tools for my app and the next steps for my next developer competition entry.


Fredric Mitchell

Fredric has many years of experience in the IT field, including as a consultant in healthcare IT, an an Interaction Designer, a Lead Developer on a large government project and a Web Development Manager. Since the days of the Tandy 3000, tinkering has always been a passion, and it continues with his Legos and Raspberry Pi.

He ultimately fell in love with PHP, and specifically Drupal, in 2006. He continued to pursue more knowledge within the framework by starting and cultivating the budding Drupal community at the University of Chicago. Clean code is akin to clean design and he ultimately believes this fosters great user experiences for any application, no matter how small.

In his non-working hours, Fredric enjoys vicariously reliving the days of Thundercats and Voltron through his wife, Kimberly, son, Gregory, daughter, Kathleen, and dog, Drupy.